ROTUGF - Detritivorous Kamigami CASSETTE



Deluxe cassette re-issue of the sold out release from the Japanese tyrants of grinding insanity.. features unreleased bonus collaboration track with SCATMOTHER , otherwise tracklist is identical to the LP version.. includes slipcase.


A1 Deathnumbered Toxic Fire Balloon
A2 Diabolical Sect Against All Sects
A3 Hitogoroshi
A4 Detritivorous Kamigami

B1 A K X Rotugf
B2 苦虫 X Rotugf
B3 Suppurated Fetus X Rotugf
B4 Reptile Womb X Rotugf
B5 Xenphobic Ejaculation X Rotugf
B6 Scatmother X Rotugf

Sold Out